Thursday, November 25, 2010 is online, and I am Thankful

It is Thanksgiving today, and I want to thank Rick Thomas for getting the 2.0 version of launched last night. It is a simple, clean site, but simple can sometimes be challenging, and I know Rick was confounded briefly by technical details. Thanks for pushing through it, Rick.

I am going to put a brief bio on here about myself for all the new visitors to who haven't met me yet...
My name is Paul Smith. I fell in love with BMX bikes as kid, and never lost the love. When I was in my late 20's, in 1998, I had a new, young family, and so I started researching the innernets to find some cool BMX bikes for my soon-to-be-riding 4-year old daughter. That led me to link up with some other adult BMXers on a website called Menotomy. Menotomy is still online, but the focus there was, is, and has always been pre-1970's bicycles. So they were not really tuned in to BMX. So, 1998, I started the first dedicated website on the internet for BMX Collectors. It was called RetroBMX. Also that year, Jason Leikam of the Milwaukee area decided to form the first group for old school BMX bike enthusiasts. It was called ROOST BMX. (ROOST = Revival Of Old-School Technology). RetroBMX hosted the first ROOST web pages. Soon after this happened, Randy Schaffner (a cool NorCal dude with much better web skills than I) started up, which made my RetroBMX pages obsolete. I had no problems letting someone else be the webmaster. Randy partnered with Bill Curtin to grow OldSchoolBMX, but the partnership didn't last and then Bill spun off a new site called I have been a part of VintageBMX since day one, as evidenced by my member number (#13.) I have also been a part of BMXmuseum, BMXsociety, BMXactiononline and eBay for all places, my user name is retrobmx. I invite you to check my feedback on eBay - a member over 12 years and 100% positive feedback. I say all this just to let you know one thing: Paul Smith is the one guy behind RetroBMX. I have been here for years and am not going anywhere. I now have one goal with RetroBMX: to make you the custom bicycle seat of your dreams. I stake my reputation on it.

For the very latest news on the RetroBMX company, please click the link below to find our facebook fan page.

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