Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The seats are coming together nicely. So nicely, that I might as well start batch #2.

First batch was a dozen, second batch will be about the same. More tomorrow, including pics.

Hey, here's a link for something I'm pretty stoked about right now...check it:

Monday, December 17, 2007

Working on seats today.

When I figure out how to post a picture in here, it will be a picture of the new seats.

Two other things to do today: run to downtown MPLS to the Star-Tribune to drop off my daughter's entry for the "Color this Christmas tree" contest...yeah, mail would have been a better way to get it there, but this one I can blame on her...oh, and find a Christmas present for my wife. At least I am slightly ahead of the deadline for that...

Did you notice I like ellipses? (For those of you who were reading BMX Action in English class instead of listening to Mrs. Jones: ellipses are those three dot-dot-dots that end many of my sentences.)

Get used to them...for some reason, I use them alot...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The time has come...

Today we kick-start the RetroBMX blog. It is the perfect time, since I just finished a four-year commitment. No, not to the Marines. It was a much more demanding commitment: coaching pre-teen girl basketball players.

Four years ago, I introduced a dozen 5th grade girls to Mikan drills, denial defense, and the pick-and-roll. They've grown bunch, they've shown courage and toughness, they've won some and lost some, and now I send them off to "school ball." I send them with the hopes that "1-2-3-HUSTLE!" is not seen as a corny mantra repeated at the conclusion of each timeout, but a concept for life which will forever reverberate in their heads and hearts.

I know I am not done with coaching (this was the oldest daughter's team - I have two younger girls who play too) but the conclusion of this season definitely represents the closure of a chapter in my life. And it means a there will be a just bit more time to get some other things done...

Should any of the girls I coached on this team (Osceola's class of 2012) ever find this post, know that I am as proud of you as any coach could ever be!

Onward....2008 looms ahead!